Mango Cilantro Pineapple Salsa

While in Illinois on business, I had the most delicious mango cilantro pineapple salsa and since I was bored I figured I’d try and replicate it.


I started with three mangos, a bunch of cilantro, two jalapeños and a can of crushed pineapple.


Peel and slice the mangos or if you’re lucky enough to find mango purée, use it instead.


Then I added the top portion of my cilantro.


Toss it all in the food processor with your jalapeños which have had the stems chopped off.


Mine wasn’t getting as smooth as I would have liked so I put the liquid from my crushed pineapple in it and processed it some more.


Add the crushed pineapple. (I might consider putting two cans in next time). Give it a whirl or two to incorporate it into the mix then spoon into a bowl or glass and serve with chips.


It tastes pretty good but doesn’t match theirs:(. Theirs had almost a carbonated taste to it like they had added Fresca or champagne to it at the last minute. I just might have to experiment a little more with it this afternoon. Enjoy!


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