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Turn an old window into a mirror

I have a bunch of old windows from my prior house when we replaced all the windows.  I saved them because I didn’t know where to get rid of them.  After that, I started doing more upcycling and am really fortunate to have them!  Prior to this new craze that has been generated by sites like Pinterest, you couldn’t even give old furniture & remodeling supplies away.  Now that are a lot more expensive.

So, I was scraping the old paint off this window and was going to paint it again, but decided to try some liquid “lead” for windows that my momma gave me.  I cut out a square and just drew around it with a marker on the window to make the entire pattern and  then did the liquid lead on the other side.


Then I sprayed the back (other) side with Krylon.  The directions said to spray 5 light coats.  I did that, but needed to add more coats to make it thick enough to look like a “real” mirror.


I considered going for an antique look–but decided not to.  Well, the glass must have been old enough or something, because it sure looks like an old mirror.

I may, or may not, paint it shabby chic.

DSC00421Overall, I think it is a great look.  I can’t wait to set it up on the mantel.  Well, wait–I have to build that first! 🙂


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