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How to paint glass vases

So, I am still cruising the good ole internet looking for cool wedding ideas that I can make.  As I was looking at building a fake mantel, I kept seeing all of this pretty colored glass.  So, I set off to see if I could make some of my own!

I just went under my sink and grabbed some of the vases I’ve received with flowers in them.  I also store them away and until didn’t really do much with them.

There are some beautiful blue ones here.  And a whole bunch more at

So, I had my inspiration and decided to test some theories out.  I pulled out glass paints, craft paints, acrylics and house paint.

One: glass paints (at least mine) don’t run as easily–which in this case is a bad thing!  You have to paint them on.

Two: whether you use a foam brush or a regular craft paint brush–it leaves streaks.

Three: Just putting in the paint and rolling it around until all the bare spots are covered gives the prettiest finish.

Four: If you want to just let the paint run & cover the insides of the vase–it is going to take a LOT (and I mean a lot) more paint than you think.  When they say add the paint a little at a time–don’t be really literal with that.  It’s gonna take some paint!

Five: cheap craft paints seem to work the best.  And it took about 1 small bottle (or more!) for each vase.

Pink Craft paint and silver glass paint.


2 or more colors randomly squirted into the vase and then rolled around to cover.  Kinda cool.


Blues and greens


All purple, all the time.

DSC00408And all of them together.  Pretty sure the pink & silver is my favorite right now–and also the last 2 I made so I got better as I went.

I plan on doing more of these! 🙂




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