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Mulled Dr. Pepper Cold Process Soap – TEST!!!

My son thinks it’s absolutely gross, but I just love hot mulled Dr. Pepper when it’s cold out and I thought it would make an awesome soap.  I couldn’t find anything on the internet as to whether you could or couldn’t use Dr. Pepper in a cold process soap, so I set about to test it out!


First of all I took the cap off of my Dr. Pepper and left it off overnight to try and take out most of the carbonation.  Then I put it on the stove top and heated it up to try to get out more like you do when you’re making soap with beer.


I was kind of concerned about what it might do and how hot it might get when I added the lye, so I put it in the sink with some ice to try to keep the temperature somewhat reasonable.


As you can see, it still got pretty darned hot!


To get the mulled effect, I added a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and of ground allspice, then a teaspoon of ground cloves.

My oil combination was:

16 oz. coconut oil, 76 deg.

24 oz. corn oil

5 oz. castor oil

15 oz. shortening


After my lye/Dr. Pepper mixture was about 100 degrees, I added it to my oils that were similar in temperature.  It was such a pretty deep brown!


I poured it into my lined wood mold and tried to fluff it up a little.  I noticed it had sort of a gel-like texture.  I guess I’ll see tomorrow if it set up or if it separated.  Stay tuned!  If anyone has tried this, please comment and let me know what the results were.

Okay, so I’m home from work now and have unveiled two batches of soap, one being the Mulled Dr. Pepper soap that I was so concerned about.  IMG_3767

It came out white on the top and dark on the sides.  This picture doesn’t show it very well, though.


On the inside, it looks a lot like my pumpkin pie soap except that it has a dark line on the top and the outer edges are darker.  The texture seemed to be like the other soaps that I’ve made.  Check back in about four weeks and I’ll post a final picture.  Never know, it may be black, brown or white!


It’s the morning after I cut my Mulled Dr. Pepper soap and I wanted to give you a side-by-side of when I first cut it last night, to what it looks like this morning.


As you can see, it’s really darkened up!  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s really picking up the color of Dr. Pepper – that pretty deep red.  Very happy so far:)


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