Something's Cooking

Hot Grapefruit Drink

It’s been a long day again.   Watched my granddaughter while her parents worked (two hour drive from home), then took my son and his roommate out for supper and bought groceries, then drove home and knew I needed to post something tonight.  I had written a recipe on my refrigerator for a hot grapefruit drink but I’m not sure where I got the recipe and I didn’t have all of the ingredients they used, so I’m giving the recipe I created:)


You’ll need a grapefruit, honey, cinnamon sticks and hot water.


I squeezed my grapefruit into a large coffee mug.


Then added a tablespoon or two of honey.  If you don’t like tart drinks, feel free to add more.


Then I tossed a cinnamon stick into it and filled the rest of the mug with hot water from my water cooler.


Stir it up.


And now I have a nice hot drink to imbibe in while writing this post!  It would probably be better with a little vodka in it;)


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