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Soda Straw Earrings

I was looking for something to do tonight and these caught my eye on this pin.  Just a picture, no instructions.


All you need is a couple of soda straws, some super glue and earring hooks – and scissors to cut the straws!


I guessed on cutting my straws and they ended up approximately an inch long.  Cut eight pieces.


Then I laid them out and lined them up in sets of four and put a drop of super glue on top of where they met up.


I cut a hole in the top of each top straw to put the base of the earring in and glued it in place as well.


These are my final product.  While I was waiting for my pictures to load I got thinking that if you didn’t have glue, they would be really cute with embroidery floss ran through the middle of the straws and tied around the hook in a bow.  They’d have more flexibility on your ears, too!


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