Let's Get Crafty

Quick Soap for Miss T

So my granddaughter is kind of grumpy that the soap that I made her that looked like spiders in webs, no longer looks that way.  So, I figured I’d better make her some more soap.


I didn’t want to use the same molds and I can’t wait a month for cold process soap to mature, so I grabbed some brand new silicone cupcake molds and my trusty melt and pour soap.  I also took out the red and blue coloring and some fresh rain scent.


Rub a little olive oil in the mold so that the soap doesn’t stick.


I put two melt and pour cubes in a measuring cup and melted them at 30 second intervals until they were melted completely.


Added scent and quite a bit of coloring.


Then I poured the purplish colored soap into my silicone molds.


Wait about 20 minutes and now Twyla will have some new soap when I go visit her this weekend:)  It would have been cute scented lavender with some lavender buds on top, but a three year old doesn’t really need lavender buds.


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