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PVC Soap Attempt #1

So last night I didn’t post anything because I was totally exhausted after trying to get my soap out of a piece of PVC pipe.

I had seen all of these cute circular soaps with loofah’s in them and thought I would try it.  So I picked up a piece of PVC pipe that I thought my loofah’s would fit down into.

After making my soap mixture, I shoved the two 5″ loofah’s that I had down into the capped end of the tube.  Then I put a funnel in the top to help with getting it all into the PVC.  When my soap was backing up into the funnel, I lifted and dropped the tube a few times to see if there was air in there.  Sure enough I got a couple big splashes out of it and the level dropped several inches, so I resumed pouring and lifting and dropping until my soap pot was empty.

24 hours later, I remove all of the towels from around my soap that I precariously sat up in my lunch box/cooler with towels packed around it and over it.  First order of business was to get the cap off of the bottom of the tube so I could push the soap out.  I bet I beat on that cap for over half an hour with a hammer before it finally came off – with a good chunk of soap!

I saw on a website where they had pushed their soap out with a round piece of wood on a pole/stick, so I put the only thing circular that would fit in the pipe in there – a jar lid.  Took both ends of my rolling pin off and sat it upright on the counter.  Farm people will know what I’m talking about here, but I took my PVC pipe filled with soap and put it over the rolling pin and smashed down on it like I was driving in fence post but that soap just wouldn’t move!

Somewhere else I had seen that if you put the soap in the freezer it will shrink and come out easier, so while I was at work all day my soap in the PVC pipe was laying in my freezer.

Get home from work and still no luck with my fence post driving skills.  So, I call my dad and ask if he has a cut off wheel for his Dremel tool and luckily he said “yes”.


This is my PVC pipe after cutting down both sides.  After cutting it, I had to get a screw driver out and wedge it in the cut and beat it with a hammer all of the way down to break the sides apart and free from my soap.

Needless to say, there was PVC pipe dust all over and some of my soap had little chunks of PVC pipe in it where I had used the screw driver to get the pipe to break apart.

After getting the soap out of the PVC pipe finally, I noticed that indeed not all of my soap had got to the bottom of the tube.


I did end up with a few nice pieces, but I learned also that cutting frozen soap with a loofah in it isn’t the easiest.  Next time I’ll line my PVC pipe with parchment paper, then clamp the two halves together with hose clamps.  I’ll also look after starting to pour to make sure its getting all around the loofah.

Hopefully my fail can help some of you succeed on your first attempt.


2 thoughts on “PVC Soap Attempt #1

  1. What a great idea! The details of your first attempt sound like every time I’ve ever followed direction on trying to make something like that. I will definitely come back to your suggestions if I ever try this. And good luck on your second attempt!

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