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Photo in mason jar filled with oil

This has to be the simplest project ever.  I am still browsing wedding ideas, simple, frugal and country.  Mason jars are going to be involved in a large part of the decorations.  This project is all over the internet, but the most recent one I saw was here.

I decided to take a black & white picture from years ago that was taken of my nephews.  Since then, their uncle and I have divorced, but I still consider them family. 🙂  One day years ago, we had a photo shoot–with my kids and their cousins.

On the site where I found the latest instructions I’ve seen, she suggested you could attach the picture to the back of the jar.  I chose not to.  I am glad I didn’t because the size and placement of the picture make a big difference in how the project turns out.

I started out with a 4×6 like suggested and put it in the mason jar.  Then I filled the jar with vegetable oil.  Unfortunately, what I didn’t think about was that the boys covered the entire picture and with the magnification of the oil, you couldn’t see their faces.

So, I trimmed the picture up so the their faces showed up well and trimmed the sides so the picture kind of “floated” in the oil.  This could make a really neat centerpiece using pictures of the bride and groom, place cards or my favorite idea–a picture of her grandpa who has passed away and of the groom’s brother.

2013-10-15 21.32.23I think this turned out pretty cool.  Maybe a bit of raffia?


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