The low carb lifestyle.

Eating low-carb has always been the best weight loss tool for me. Now, I don’t know if it is old age or some health issue–but nothing is working.  I am just going to stick with this anyway, because watching what I eat, eating more veggies, drinking water and exercising should make me healthier if not skinnier.

One of the downsides to low carb eating is that you have to cook.  One of the best things about low carb is you have to cook.  Crazy, huh?  You have to because there is nothing in a vending machine that is good for you.  And eating out is a trick unless you go to a sit down place.

It’s the best thing for me though, because when I do I feel like I am treating/spoiling myself.

When I am the only one home though, it sometimes feels like a lot of work.  This morning I cut up 3 kinds of peppers, spinach, mushrooms, onions and cheese.  This will be the basis for my whole days eating.

DSC00392Breakfast is an omelot using some of all of the above and some bacon.

DSC00393When breakfast was over, I chopped everything up a bit smaller and for lunch, I tossed the spinach with some of the veggies and cheese and put balsamic vinegar and olive oil on top. I packed this in my new “salad” tupperware bowl. Yumm!

For supper, I will slice and sautee some chicken breast, add the peppers and onion with some cumin and curry and have a nice little stirfry!

With planning, this way of eating is not too bad. 🙂


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