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Display your kids artwork on black foam board

I am working on painting “stained glass” onto an old wooden window using my mom’s glass paints and liquid lead.  We just had mom’s birthday party and I was thinking about that today as I was trying to finish my craft armoire.  I came across some glass paints that mom had brought me right before she got so sick.

One day, I had some old windows out and was painting a design on with craft paints because that’s what I had.  Mom showed up at my house and brought me gifts like she always did.  We have always shared a very close connection and every once in awhile strange things happen.  That day was one of those times.  I’m sitting out on my patio painting and thinking I would need to make a trip to buy glass paints.

Mom brings the basket of goodies and I set it to the side to open later.  Inside the basket were glass paints, stencils and liquid lead!  How strange that she brought them just when I decided to try my hand at that craft.

Good memories!

So, that project is underway but not complete.  It takes a bit to dry in between coats.  So, I went back to organization and found old pictures that my brother and kids had drawn many years ago.  I always planned on doing “something” with them, but never got around to it.  Now, they are a bit natty around the edges, so I just trimmed them up.

I had some black foam board that I planned on turning into a picture memory board for my college-aged daughter.  But, I haven’t scanned all the pictures to save yet so I can’t do that right now.

I decided to try to see how the old artwork would look attached to the foam board with mod podge.

When I started, I thought “well, this project will be nice to share, but not really too difficult”.  So, I thought I wouldn’t have much to add about “how-to” do this.

I was wrong.  It’s happened before and I know it will happen again. 🙂

So, the paper was old and wrinkled.  The first picture I put glue on looked pretty good when I first attached it.  As it started to dry, it began to have air pockets behind the picture that I couldn’t smooth out.  AND, I couldn’t lift the drawing to re-attach it because it started to tear.  I just put on another coat of mod podge and smoothed it as much as possible.

My brother drew this of me years ago off of  my kindergarten picture.  I’m not please with the wrinkles, but oh well.

2013-10-13 20.28.09

So, for the next one I brought out my kitchen square plastic scraper to smooth it better.  This worked but you had to be really careful with the picture because it wanted to tear.

2013-10-13 20.30.13Much happier with this one.  Just a couple of spots that were funny.

Then I decided to glue to the whole back of the picture and let it sit a couple of minutes to soften (but not dry) and then hold it up with one hand and lay it down a bit at a time, smoothing as I went.

2013-10-13 20.31.25This worked MUCH better!

I then wanted to see how a colored picture would look, so did they final one.  I took the picture a little early and you can still see the mod podge on top.  I smoothed this one with my hand and that is by far the easiest way with the best results.

2013-10-13 20.31.49I’m excited to find a place to hang these!


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