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Turn jeans into bell bottoms

I am working on my 70s outfit and wanted some bell bottoms.  These are finally done, but the matching top is not yet.


I love the bright yellow flowers.

And the way it drapes.  I made these pretty big.


Very 70ish I think.  And the peasant top with bell sleeves from the material (a cheap sheet from the thrift store) will be pretty groovy! 🙂

So, I am not a seamstress.  I can sew by  hand but that is it, so this is the easy anyone with no skills can do it version.

1) Find your jeans, try them on and mark them at your knee, which should be about 18 inches.  Some people put the bells only  halfway up their calf and some go all the way to their hip–but if you’re like me and want a number–that would work.

Then you take a seam ripper and rip the seam out.  Or do like me and just cut up the seam to the mark.  This is not “kosher” but easier!  Make sure these are exactly even.  Measure & measure again.  (note to self)

Then take your material and decide how big you want the bell to be.  I wanted mine huge for my costume, so I took a 20 inch wide and 20 inch long piece of material and folded it in half.  Then I made a mark 1 inch from the fold at the top and a mark at the outside edge of the bottom and ran my ruler on the diagonal from one point to another.  Then just cut this triangle out.

Turn your jeans inside out.  Fold open the lower leg and fold it over a bit so that the right side of the jean is facing up.  Take liquid stitch and run it along the edge.  Then pick up one of your triangles of fabric and glue it down.  The skinny point that is 2 inches wide will go at the top of the bell.

Do this for both legs of your jeans.  Let it dry.

And you are done!

Good night!


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