Costumes for my mom’s Decade Birthday party…

Well, tonight’s blog was to be about my costume for my mom’s birthday party.  She was born in 1939 and I am still working on getting everyone on board to dress up for her party.  I would like at least one person or couple to dress up in each decade of her life–the 30s, 40s up until now.  I guess “now” will be the ones that don’t want to dress up. 🙂

Anyway, I bought a black & white dress & was going to go as 1960s.  Unfortunately, the dress and I are not the same size. 😦

So, I decided to turn an old pair of jeans into bell bottoms.  I went to the thrift store and looked for material.  All I could find remotely 70s looking was a set of yellow flowered sheets.  So, I brought them home

We are babysitting the “grand” dog and so I needed to spend a bit of time with him.  After that, I made supper and then was ready to go to work.

The concept of bell bottoms is fairly simple.  You slit the seam about 18 inches up the leg and cut a piece of material that is 18 inches long hemmed.  So, you have to cut a longer piece to put the hem in.  Take a rectangle piece of material that is the correct length and fold it in half.  At one end of the material measure 1 or 1 1/2 inches in from the fold and make a mark.  Then draw a diagonal line from that mark to the hemmed portion of the material.  If you want to add a 10 inch bell, you will measure at 5 inches (since it’s folded it will be 10 inches opened up–I’m sure you know that, but just in case! ).  Then draw a straight line with a ruler and cut from one point to the other.

Next you will sew the material into the opening of your jeans.  Sew right sides together so that seam is on the correct side.

When you are done,  you should have a cool pair of bell bottoms!

Unfortunately, I am not done–so no pictures tonight.

Tomorrow  night though I will hopefully  have pictures to share.

AND, I found a picture of a 70s shirt made with 5 bandanas–and plan to use the same sheet to make a shirt.

Wish  me luck!!


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