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Upcycled sweater=New hat & mittens

Winter is fast approaching.  We had a lovely extended summer and a great fall, but winter storms are to the north and west of us, shutting down rail traffic.  We live in a railroad town or I am sure I wouldn’t know that.

In the mornings it is a brisk 35 – 40 degrees, but by mid-afternoon it warms up to the 70s or 80s.  It’s one of my favorite times of year–everything but trying to decide what to wear to work in the morning, lol.

Anyway, I was at the thrift store looking for vintage 30s or 40s clothes for my son & his girlfriend to wear to my mom’s Decades Birthday party.  I came across some cute sweaters that unfortunately had a few holes here or there.  But, they were cheap.

So, I purchased a couple and the one I will show  you tonight is from a rose colored mock turtleneck sweater in a large childs/small adult size.

I have a sewing machine and will need help learning how to use it, but I can run a needle & thread.  So, I cut the arms off the sweater.  I put my arm in the sweater until my fingers reached the end and then measured how long it would need to be to reach mid-arm.  You can make yours as long or as short as you would like.  I really like the elbow length gloves–especially when it is below freezing outside!  But, this was a smallish sweater, so mid-length is what I chose.

DSC00375DSC00376The arms of the sweater were already folded up to make 3 inch cuffs and stitched down.

I left that part alone and just flipped the sleeves around–so that the wrist area of the sweater became the elbow area of the mittens.

Then I just cut the end of the mittens into a bit of a curved shape and cut out approximately 1/5 for my thumb.

Then I turned the sweater sleeves inside out and stitched the ends together and stitched the thumb closed.



DSC00377 DSC00378Then i cut the “neck” out of the sweater about 8 inches down.  The opening on the neck will become the brim of the hat and the remaining part will be stitched closed to make the hat.  I can tell you this would have been MUCH easier with a mannequin head to work on.  Or, even someone else’s head!

I just stitched it closed, inside out and then turned it right side out and tried it on.  And it was lumpy and bumpy and didn’t fit well at all.  Trying to get the shape right while it is on your head is a tad bit difficult.  But, I managed. 🙂

It took 3 or 4 tries to get it right but it finally is a perfect skull cap type fit.


Next, I looked at the remainder of the sweater and decided I could turn the body of the sweater into an infinity scarf.  This will take a LOT more hand stitching to finish the edges, so when it is complete, I will post it here.

It made a pretty cool hat & mittens from a $1 thrift store sweater.   I plan on making many more of these.  Have you upcycled sweaters? If so, I would love to see pictures or here how else you’ve done this.


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