Let's Get Crafty

Ribbon Angel Ornament

For a video tutorial of this craft, please check out Happy Birds Crafting Haven.


You’ll need the following:  wired ribbon, a hot glue gun, bells, scissors and a stapler.


Accordion fold the ribbon in 1″ wide sections to achieve seven pleats.


Cut the top off of one end.


Staple as close to the top as possible.


Unfold and this is what you get – the dress for your angel.


Accordion fold in 1″ sections again, to achieve five pleats this time.


Staple in the middle.  Hint:  a little stapler won’t work this time!


Place a bead of hot glue to the cut end of the dress and place your wings on it.


Grab a bell for the head.  You’ll want to be sure to glue it with the hole for stringing at the top.


I glued another bell to the front where the wings joined the dress.  Mine isn’t as pretty as hers, but it was a first attempt, so if I decide to make more, hopefully they’ll turn out a little nicer.


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