DIY: No sew tutu with elastic waist

How to make a tutu (even if you can’t sew!)

DSC00372We bought 6 yards of tulle off the bolt.  They sell these in spools that are precut to 6 inches wide and if this is about the same price, I would do that.  Although, you don’t have to be perfect, it would take some stress out to not try to cut the big layers of tulle.

My daughter and I each grabbed one end and folded it like you would a sheet.  We each grabbed an end and met in the middle and did this over and over until the tulle was about 3 foot long.  Then my daughter just cut it all into 4 inch wide strips.

Both of us grabbed a pair of scissors and cut each strip 32 inches long.  We measured her to see how long the tutu should be and then multiplied that times 2.

After the pieces were all cut it was a simple process to fold each piece in half to tie them on the the waistband.  To make the waistband, we just took a length of 1/2 inch elastic and wrapped it around her hips where the skirt would sit.  She pulled it snug but not tight and then cut it a few inches longer and tied it in a knot.

To attach the tulle strips to the elastic, you fold them in half and slide the folded end behind the elastic and then bring the 2 loose ends up and through the loop created by the fold.  Just pull the ends through and down and you have a little knot.  Keep doing this until the elastic is full.

You can make this as full as you want.  Narrower strips of tulle create a fuller skirt, so you can adjust the width of your tulle strips as well if you’d like.

The final product is a simple and cute tutu.



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