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Make a jewelry box out of an old shadow box

My new Jewelry Box

Jewelry box

I  bought this old wooden divided box at a garage sale and wasn’t sure what i was going to do with it.  I decided to paint it to match the makeup holder and use it as a jewelry box.

I just washed it, and then applied a coat of light yellow paint.  Then I put on a coat of the pale blue chalk paint I’ve used here recently.  After that, I just screwed some cup hangers in the top of the longest boxes for necklaces and put out a few pieces of jewelry.

I’m still dreaming up other things I might like to do–like find a way to hook more rings.  Possibly decorating the box with some of the “wedding practice” flowers I’ve been making lately. 🙂

It’s a simple way to display some of your jewelry and keep it out in the open so you can just see what you want and grab it to put it on.


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