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DIY chevron pattern on shoes

Chevron patterned shoes in my daughter’s college colors!

2013-10-03 20.13.02Okay, I have a pair of $3 on clearance white tennies from Walmart.  My daughter’s college colors are yellow & black.  I want to show my team spirit for homecoming next week.  She will dance at the soccer game.

I should say these shoes are for her and maybe they will be, because every time I get new shoes–they seem to end up on her feet!  But, I have a quirky side and like funky socks and sometimes shoes….

So, I got fabric paint and markers and went to work.  First, I painted the white shoes golden yellow.  Then I tried chevron on the rubber outer sole but it just looked kind of stupid.  So, I painted them solid black.

Then, I thought since chevron is her new favorite design I’d try it on the fabric.  I traced a chevron pattern off of google images–just held the manila folder up to the screen and traced it.  Then I cut a long strip of the “sharks teeth” out and used it to lay out a pattern,  I started at the front of the shoe and worked my way back.  It’s a bit harder than you would think to make it right when you get to the portion where the laces go–remove those while you work by the way!!

In the back, it is not perfect.  But, I like it.  I drew it on first with an ink pen and then went over it with a black fabric paint pen.

Finally, I wrote thunderbolts which is what their dance team is called.  Now, I think I will put in black ribbons for laces.

Trying to decide what else to do.  I planned on writing the school name and making it very 60ish.  But, I ended up liking the chevron more than I thought.

What do you think?  What else should I do?

2013-10-03 20.13.15


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