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How to Change a Watch into a Cute Photo Bracelet

I saw a picture of this concept on Pinterest, but there were no instructions, so I decided to try it myself and post my experience for others who would like to try.



I went upstairs and dug an old watch out of my junk drawer.  Sure, a vintage watch would be cooler, but I’m pretty OCD about not damaging things that could potentially be valuable – sentimentally or monetarily.



After almost cutting my finger off with a utility knife, I finally got the back off of the watch.



Then I took out all of the insides.  The knob will fall out because the innards aren’t there to hold it in any more.



Because I didn’t want to ruin a picture of my grandparents, I printed one off on some photo paper.  This way the picture’s the right size, too.  I lucked out and guessed the right size first try!



To know how big to cut out my picture, I pushed the back of the watch over the it and drew around it with a pen.



After cutting the picture out, I pressed it into the compartment where the innards used to be.



Put the back on again and now I have a really cute bracelet with a picture of my grandparents instead of a useless broken watch in a junk drawer:)


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