Let's Get Crafty

Raspberry vanilla bath salts

Raspberry vanilla home spa, part II.

Raspberry vanilla bath salts to soften your skin.

DSC00361Companion to yesterday’s Raspberry vanilla foaming bubble bath.


This recipe is simple as well.

Use 2 parts epsom salts

1 part sea salt or kosher salt

essential oils

food coloring

I put my salts in a gallon sized freezer bag and added food coloring 1 drop at a time and shook between drops.  Too many at once can cause your salt to clump.  Once it is the color you want, then add essential oils or vanilla extract a drop at a time and keep shaking and adding until it smells like you want it to.  It looks like I need to shake mine a bit more! 🙂

Then I poured my salt back into the sea salt jar and sealed it with the cork.

I need to make labels up for these, but they smell wonderful and are great in the bath.  Be sure to moisturize after soaking in a tub with bath salts as these can dry your skin.


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