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Paper Rose Wreath

by Stephanie Lynn has great instructions on how to make paper roses and the paper rose wreath.  Here’s my attempt at making my own.


I had a foam wreath and some old books that I got at an auction.  Just bought a glue gun and was ready to test it out.


Using three pages at a time to make the roses have a little more umph, cut your pages into a square instead of a rectangle.  Then cut a spiral (you don’t have to draw lines, this is just to show what you need to cut.


You’ll end up with a three-ply spiral.


Start rolling from the outside of the spiral, starting tightly, then loosening as you get to the outside.


The round middle of the spiral will be used to finish off the bottom of the rose.  Use lots of hot glue and glue all three layers of the bottom down, then glue it to your wreath.


I was doing really well until my brand new glue gun broke!  Since I don’t do WalMart anymore (long story), I chose to wait until my parents were going to Manhattan Wednesday to have them pick me up a new one.


After hours of cutting, rolling and gluing, it’s finally done:)  I might add some ribbon and hang it, but I haven’t decided just yet.


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