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DIY Bubble bath: Raspberry & vanilla in a upcycled whiskey bottle

Raspberry Vanilla bubble bath

DSC00360I have people saving me glass bottles from alcohol, wine and beer.  I received this one with the cork still in it.  I washed it in the dishwasher and put it aside.  Today, I was thinking about making myself a whole set of Raspberry Vanilla bath/spa products.  I thought this bottle and another one with a cork would be perfect for my bubble bath and bath salts.  I also want to make candles and soap.

The recipe for foaming bubble bath is pretty simple.  This is what you use:

2 cups almond, sunflower or canola oil

1 cup honey

1 cup mild hand or body liquid soap–homemade or store  bought

Essential oils (I used vanilla & raspberry scents)

Mix this and put it in a jar that can be sealed

When you are ready to use it, just shake it to remix and pour about 1/4 cup of bubble bath into your tub.


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