Photo jewelry box

My youngest daughter’s birthday is Monday and today I went down to watch her dance at college.  I had already taken her shopping for her birthday, but hate to show up empty handed.  So, I brought chocolate cake, pink fuzzy flip flop slippers and a jewelry box.

2013-09-28 21.00.49She has wanted a jewelry box for awhile.  I found this box at Hobby Lobby.  I’d never been there, but with all of this crafting, I needed to go to the “city” and check it out.  While there, I found this box–it has a mirror on the inside of the lid and lift out boxes for her bling or keepsakes.

I have been trying to decide what would make this special and not just a box.  I thought about staining it and then painting it with chalk paint and distressing it.  I may still do that, who knows!  I also found their paternal family crest from Holland in the mid 1600s and wanted to put that on the top.  I am still trying to learn/master the art of transferring laser printed images to wood.  And, I need to get somewhere to get an acrylic medium to transfer the image.

So, last night I am trying to figure out what to wear (I was working on putting our last name and a motto on a t-shirt in college colors–and on modifying the t-shirt to be a bit more fashionable).  Suddenly I realized, that though after my bedtime I hadn’t done anything but think about the jewelry box.  And I had to be on the road by 8 am.

I decided to stain it with oak stain first.  Then, I took a picture of her grandpa who was the light of her life and who passed away a few years back.  The picture is of her grandma  & grandpa in their younger years.

I used mod podge to adhere this to the top of the box and then covered it with a coat of mod podge.

It was a  hit, but I brought it home because I might make some modifications to it.

2013-09-28 21.00.352013-09-28 21.00.01


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