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Low carb stuffed pork chops

2013-09-27 21.17.04I seem to be into stuffing food these days.  I guess it is because I can’t stuff my face since I’m dieting. 😉

Actually, I keep looking for ideas for low carb cooking and then end up modifying it.  I had butterfly pork chops and decided if I pounded them flat, I could stuff them with something low carb and have a pretty good supper.

I started off the way I normally do–I put a couple of tablespoons of butter in the skillet and chopped a couple of garlic cloves and an onion and started browning them.  I really wanted stuffing which made me think of the celery I had in the fridge.  So, i chopped up a few stalks of celery and added this to the skillet.

Since bread crumbs are a no-no for me, I needed to think of something else to add for bulk and something for flavor.  So, I chopped up some raw broccoli and added it to the skillet too.  I just put on a bit of salt & pepper and some garlic powder, and it started to smell really good.

Meanwhile, I had pounded the butterfly chops so they were flatter and easier to wrap.  I laid a piece of fresh sliced swiss across the middle of each chop.  Then I got ready to add the skillet mixture, but decided to mix a couple of eggs in to make sure it stayed together and set up.

It was pretty good!  I think I will sear the chops on each side in the skillet before putting them in the oven at 350 degrees for 50-55 minutes (or 160 degrees on the meat thermometer).


4 butterfly pork chops

salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste (or any other seasoning you like)


sauteed garlic cloves (3) and (1) onion

3 – 4 stalks celery chopped

1 head broccoli chopped fairly fine

4 slices provolone or swiss

2 eggs


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