Let's Get Crafty

Bloody Hand Window Clings

Since Halloween’s getting closer, I decided to try the bloody hand window clings I saw on kylyssa on squidoo.  Like usual, her instructions are way better than mine so check them out:)


The main things you’ll need are white craft glue, red and blue food coloring, plastic wrap and a cutting board or cookie sheet with a little scotch tape.


Cover the cookie sheet or cutting board with plastic wrap and tape it down so that it doesn’t move.  Be sure to get all of the wrinkles out.


I mixed my bloody glue together first.  Add a couple drops of blue food coloring and mix well.


Then keep adding red until you reach just a little lighter than your desired shade.


My hands were covered in glue, so there aren’t any pictures of the process.  I put a white glue hand print down, then put a bloody one over it on the plastic wrap.  I need to wait for them to dry, so probably will check on them in the morning and try to get all of the red food coloring off of my hand:/


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