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How to Unwind After a Craptastic Day at Work – My Way

As you can see by the title of this blog, I had a craptastic day at work.  So, to unwind and mellow out, I decided to make Wine-A-Rita’s, that I bought in Lindsborg, Kansas, at The Good Merchant, and some bacon/cream cheese/biscuit madness.


So I grabbed what I would need.


Preheated my oven to 350 degrees and proceeded to mix a whole package of precooked bacon (appx. 7 slices) and an entire package of cream cheese in a bowl.


Then I sort of flattened out my biscuit and added a heaping spoonful of the cream cheese/bacon mixture to the middle of it.


Covered my cookie sheet with foil because I don’t want to do dishes tonight.  Pop them in the oven until they’re brown (probably 15 minutes, I don’t know because I was drinking).


Then I got out my package of Wine-A-Rita and blended it per the directions on the box, with the cheapest white wine I could find at the liquor store.


Added the ice.


And poured it in my Smurf glass and thought of a friend in Lawrence who’s looking for Smurf glasses, but won’t get this one:)


By the time I had drained the rest of the blender full into my glass, the biscuits were done.  As I finish this blog, my drink is pretty well gone and three of the biscuits are also adios.  And yes, I am more relaxed now.  Ready to watch my soap opera on Hulu then Big Bang Theory and I’ll be ready for another day at work tomorrow.


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