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Bowl koozies

This is a project in the making.  Sewing is not exactly my strong suit.  In fact, the other poster on this blog used to sew my stuff in Home Ec.

I work with a lady in her 60s and she goes away a few times a year to a quilting weekend with a group of friends.  They rent a house with enough space for several of them to work on projects at the same time.

She has made me different things in the past, which I will probably unveil later.  Anyway, last weekend she had her quilting weekend and I asked her to make me a couple of koozies to put around bowls when you heat them up in the microwave.

She’s talked about these before and I think  it is a really great idea!  I don’t know how many times I’ve burnt myself on a bowl or ended up with really cold hands from ice cream.

She took two 10 inch squares of fabric for each koozie and a piece of batting that is safe to put in the microwave.  She told me this is simple to  make and I will update after I have my lesson.  She said she will teach me how to make them.

2013-09-25 20.06.11And this is what it looks like with a bowl.  After I make my first ones out of K-State fabric, I will let you know.

2013-09-25 20.07.28


2 thoughts on “Bowl koozies

    • Yes, that is a bonus. I am going to make mine a bit bigger so they can curve more around the bowl. They also protect your hands from anything spilling over the edge when you are carrying the bowl.

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