Let's Get Crafty

DIY Silicone Mold

First of all I have to direct you to this video that I watched on YouTube DIY Silicone Mold.  She gives terrific instructions.  I just obviously didn’t follow them quite right, but good enough for this evening.


What you’ll need is some silicone adhesive, a caulking gun and cornstarch.


I poured the entire box of corn starch in a bowl because I couldn’t remember how much I was supposed to use.


Then I started adding the silicone adhesive.  She used clear.  Mine was white.


Start mixing it by hand, but I’ll warn you the fumes are horrible!!!  I was coughing up a storm and it stank really bad!


Mix it until it’s not sticky anymore and is pliable.


Roll out to about 3/8″ thick or so.


Cut the edges off…


so it looks nice and pretty.  Put it on a towel or other padded surface.


Then smush your objects in that you want to make a mold of but don’t push them all of the way through.

Let them sit for 90 minutes.  Then pop out.  The silicone mold is pliable even when set.


My wood elephant didn’t work very well but the others worked pretty good.  I knew the fish lock wasn’t going to quite work all of the way because I couldn’t get it down far enough.


Then I filled them with some melt and pour soap base and let them sit for about half an hour.


Popped them out and I’m pretty happy with them:)  I need to clean the rest of the crud off of them.  She didn’t have to do that in her video, so please watch her video before attempting this!


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