Let's Get Crafty

Blanket collage for my mom.

My mom is in the nursing home due to a diabetic complication called fatty liver.  Due to this, she had to have a TIPS procedure last winter and we almost lost her.  She comes from a line of women who live to be a grand old age.  Her mother was in her late 90s when she passed away a short while back.

My mom is only 73.  This was unexpected and difficult.  We 8 children have learned recently that she never had a birthday party.  In honor of this strong woman, we are throwing her a birthday party.

So, tonight I have no craft that I have made although I have been slaving away since after work.  I am gathering pictures of all her kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids to make a blanket collage.

Below is the collage in the making….

blanketNow it is off to bed for me.  Night all!


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