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DIY Cat Tent from an Old T-Shirt

I saw this the other day on Facebook, so I pinned it on Pinterest and couldn’t resist trying to make my own!  It’s a DIY cat tent from an old t-shirt.  I got the instructions from Meow Cat Blog.  Of course, you’ve read my stuff enough probably by now to know that I don’t follow instructions very well, but here’s how mine turned out.


All you need is some cardboard, two wire hangers, some extra thinner wire and a t-shirt.  I guess if you’re nice you could add a pillow to the mix.


First thing I did was flatten a box for the base.


Then I straightened out my two hangers and cut about a 6″ piece of wire to join them together.


Join the wired in the middle forming an X.


Then I poked the hanger ends through each corner of the cardboard and bent it over so it wouldn’t scratch anything.  I have my box folded in half so that the wire is in between the two layers.


It looks like a pup tent frame when the hangers and cardboard are in place.


Then slip a t-shirt over the whole thing and let your cats have fun!  You can’t see my cat very well, because my picture stinks, but he’s really enjoying it!  (ignore the hardwood floors please!  I just moved in)

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