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Paper Heart Garland

So I saw a picture on Pinterest of a “tiny heart garland”.  Unfortunately, the link only showed a picture and nothing else.  I thought I’d give it a try and put my own spin on it.


I grabbed a couple of books that I got when I bought a whole tableful for $1 at an auction, some twine and craft glue.


I pulled 3-4 pages from the book at a time and folded them into quarters.


Then I unfolded it to half and cut down the center.  The other fold line will go over your twine.


Then I folded the half into half again and cut out a small heart.


Put a thin bead of glue in the crease after unfolding your page.


Lay your twine in the crease and fold back over.


I repeated this about every 6″ and ended up with heart overkill!  This is only half of what I made.  The picture in the link that was my inspiration used much smaller hearts.  It’ll be cute to hang around Valentine’s day.


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