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Homemade ball candles

I think we’ve touched on this in our about us page, but we live in the country and the nearest “city” is about 45 minutes away.  Now, I obviously use the internet–since I blog.  And, I do know you can purchase things on the internet, but sometimes I just prefer to look at them in person.

If I enter a store, I can often be found in the candle aisle, smelling all of the candles.  For me, that is a choice that needs to be made in person. Not every candle is made the same.  Just because it says it is orange, does not mean I will like the way it smells.

So, in my town I can’t find ball candles.  And I have candle holders like this:

2013-09-22 16.46.25I end up using these for other things instead.  I had a post earlier where I made one for a toilet paper holder.  Its pair is show here with a green glass bowl on top.  I was playing with this when I made the cupcake stands.  I am toying with the idea of making things similar to this for my daughter’s wedding reception.  I could make the one with the flat plate for mints and the bowl for nuts.  In different heights, and in the wedding colors this could be quite pretty.

But, anyway–I wanted some candles in a peppermint scent.  So, I decided to try and make my own candle balls today.  I didn’t have a mold and while I wouldn’t mind the wax on my hands, I do think it might not be the wisest choice to handle hot wax like that.  See, sometimes I show a bit of sense!

So, I found an old plastic ball that you can take apart and make into a Christmas ornament.  I wasn’t sure that this plastic would hold up under hot wax, so I set it in a bowl in case it sprung a leak.

2013-09-22 19.18.28I melted the paraffin in the microwave for a minute, then stirred in peppermint oil and a bit of food coloring.  I then poured it in both sides of the ornament.  As soon as the wax formed a skin, I put the wick on top of one half and poked it down.

In a hurry, as always, I tried to join the two together too soon.  And part of the wax spilled out.  So, I scooped the now much cooler wax up and put back in the ball.  I then put the 2 sides together and let it set up.  When I took one plastic side off, the ball fell apart.  I had to melt some more wax and pour a bit on each flat side and then put the sides together for it to become one solid ball.  I also had to cut the bottom flat, because it wouldn’t sit up on the holder.

2013-09-22 19.18.04Here is the finished candle burning on top of another painted sundae dish.

Very pleased. 🙂


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