Let's Get Crafty

Engagement signs

My daughter recently became engaged and wanted engagement signs for her pictures.  We used Pinterest to communicate about the sign s, since she lives so far away.  Pinterest has been a great help to wedding planning!

She posted pictures of the ones she wanted and then we made up the signs.  We live several states apart and right after she became engaged, her younger sister went out to visit for a week on her summer break from college.  She loaded all of the signs up into her suitcase–which left room to bring home clothes! 🙂

All of the signs are made from barn board.  I’m lucky enough to have lots of wood to choose from out here at our little place in the country!  But if you need to purchase boards, each one is about 5 or 6 inches tall and 12-14 inches wide.

I used white paint in a satin finish and mixed in plaster of paris.  You can also purchase chalk paint–but that stuff is expensive.  I did a test and the homemade stuff covers & holds up just as well.  I just mix in a bit of plaster of paris and let it sit for a bit to thicken.  The beauty of this paint is that you can add water to make it more spreadable if you need to.  When it is a bit thicker, it covers all kinds of imperfections and it will stick to about anything.

You don’t have to remove old paint or prime your wood when this homemade “chalk” paint.

I used black paint on some of the words & black marker on others.  There are a lot of stencils out there if you want to use them, but I always just freehand my words.

So, here are all of the signs…..

IMG_3276And we are all excited!

IMG_4983This sign was used in a beautiful picture on the beach–far far away from our home in the midwest.

ash kevOkay, in the original picture they do have faces. 🙂  I just cropped the picture to highlight the signs.



And a sign cut out of balsa wood



I varied the lettering so that they all had a different feel.


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