Let's Get Crafty

Crayola Crayon Candles Gone Wrong

So I saw these amazing little candles on repiny that were made out of votive holders, crayola crayons and some extra paraffin.  Looked simple enough.


I got out my paraffin, some craft sticks to stir the colorful wax, some wood wicks that I later traded out for regular wicks, a couple of small Budweiser glasses and some bathroom cups.  I grabbed a book to try and sit my glasses at an angle to get the cool layers that they did on repiny.


Set my cups out and filled them with some paraffin and then took the wrappers off of some crayons that were all tones of blue, broke them up and put them with the paraffin.

On their site, they were able to melt the contents in the microwave and stir it with a craft stick.  My microwave went for about two minutes and shot craps again.  It doesn’t like paraffin!!!

I get out the pan that I’ve already ruined making candles and started melting the paraffin and crayons in it.


Decide my glasses aren’t going to stay put with only one book, so I grab another one.  Yes, leave it to me, pouring the wax into the glass and it goes all over my new soap making book:(  Anyway, I persevere and let this layer set up.


For the next few layers, I put the glasses in ramekins and they sit a little better but I still am having issues with the wax running down the side of the pan but I don’t really want to ruin a pan with a pour spout on it.


In the end, I got two pretty funky candles that I’ll probably never burn.  The wicks are all over in them – not lost in them, but clear over to the side and back again.  I might have to try this project again some other time.


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