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Fabric flowers: Step 1 of flower & brooch bouquet

I am toying with the idea of making a brooch & fabric flower bouquet.  I just would like to try one because they look so pretty! One thing I’ve noticed though, is that the range of skill varies widely.  From the stunningly beautiful ones on Etsy and other sites selling for $400-$500 a piece to the practice ones I’ve seen on some sites.

I want something that is classy, beautiful and somehow manages to be understated with all of that bling.  I need to gather up brooches, and other jewelry, but am going to focus on the flower portion right now.  That seems to be a major make it or break it part of some of these bouquets.

These flowers are simple.  Perfection is not needed–in fact little imperfections will make your flowers seem more real.

Cut 5 circles of polyester satin for each flower.  It needs to be polyester so it will melt a bit & curl, but won’t burn as easily.  4 of these circles should be about 4″ x 4″ and one should be a tad bit smaller.

Cut 5 squares of fabric.  I have fabric cut for 2 flowers below.

DSC00316Then round the edges to make circles.  They don’t need to be perfect.  You could make patterns and draw these out if you prefer.

DSC00317Next cut 4 times into each circle.  Only go about 1″ in and try to cut it into 4 equal sized “petals”.

DSC00318Then light a tea candle and carefully hold your fabric over the flame until the edges curl.  Keep a bowl of water handy in case it starts on fire.  You will learn how close you need to hold the flower to the flame.  Too close and it could start on fire and probably will burn your fingers.  Too far away and the fabric won’t curl.

DSC00320After all pieces have been “fired” you need to take 2 of the biggest pieces and cut a slice in each petal to divide it into 2 petals.  Then burn these cuts as well.  They might look a little funny when they are by themselves, like below, but they make the final flower look a lot more real.DSC00321Then just put one petal on your surface and squeeze on a drop of hot glue right in the middle.  Sat the next petal on top and turn it a bit so that the petals of these one are between the petals of the first one. You will use the 2 large circles with 4 petals first, then the 2 large circles that are cut into 8 sections and finally the smallest one.

Continue putting on drops of glue and the petals until you are done. One final drop of glue and put in your bling.  This can be a brooch, an earring, a ring or just some spare parts from broken jewelry.


I laid the flowers on burlap so you can see them a bit better.  I made them two different ways to show you the difference.  The purple one on the left does NOT have 2 of the petals cut into 8 sections.  They are all just cut into fourths.  The pink one on the right has 3 circles cut into fourths and 2 cut into eighths.  This one has a lot more depth.


I glued one flower on a stem from an artificial flower I had used for something else.  You can also glue a pin on the back to make a brooch, glue a loop on the back for a bobby pin to go in to wear this in your  hair or glue it to a headband.


Finally, I just put mine in a mason jar with a bit of burlap & lace around it.  I put it in with my burlap flowers and the bright colors look really good with the burlap.



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