Let's Get Crafty

More burlap flowers

DSC00306DSC00307A very simple burlap flower.  I think this would be a lot better with a more tightly woven burlap, but like the effect.  This is just 2 circles, one big & one little that are glued together.

Then I glued a daisy button in the center.

This is the burlap I used.

DSC00308I cut a 3 inch wide strip, and twisted it by grabbing it at both ends and twisting.

DSC00311Then I grabbed one end, and twisted it up the length of the the 18 inch strip until i reached the end.  Then I hot glued the end to the rest of the flower.  I also glued the flower to a small cardboard circle, to hold it together and give it a base.  Then I glued on a fake pink flower in the middle.


These are 3 of the flower types.  I am going to work on more and make a bouquet that I will share later. 🙂  DSC00315


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