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Beer Bottle Candle

I gave it one more shot with that stinking bottle cutter and still didn’t get a clean break, but I figure my son and his roommate won’t mind if the bottle is cut straight or not.


I sanded the edges of the bottle with pretty coarse grit sand paper so that the boys wouldn’t get cut on it if they picked it up from the top.


Then I grabbed my block of paraffin, the package of wood wicks, some coloring and some scent.  I thought the boys could use “fresh rain” in their house:)


Cut off the amount of paraffin I thought I would need.  It’s always hard to guess this for me.  I put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and POOF! the microwave shot craps.  Guess that’s my lesson not to melt wax in the microwave:/


So I transferred it to a pan that I’ve already ruined with paraffin and melted it on the stove top.


After melting it, I put some of the coloring and scent into the melted paraffin.  Apparently color for soap won’t work in paraffin.  I thought it was all the same stuff.  Second lesson learned tonight!  After putting the wood wick in it’s little stand and placing it in the bottle, I proceeded to fill the bottle with the melted paraffin.


After it sets up all of the way, I’ll cart it down to Manhattan to my son.  I think he’ll like it:)


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