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Felt and Velcro Doll Diapers

Another quick craft for the day!  Hopefully I’ll start getting some time to do some larger projects, but for now, quick and simple will have to do:)



All you need is some felt, velcro and scissors.  I looked to happy together creates for instructions – which I didn’t follow to a T.  Follow their instructions if you want yours to turn out better.  The next time I do these, I’ll have the correct materials!



I winged a pattern similar to the one on their page.  Of course you don’t need it folded, but you can always cut it in half and have two patterns;)



I’m a “no pin” cutter because I don’t like pinning.  Cut the felt following the pattern.






You can’t see them on here very well, but I had the no-sew sticky velcro circles.  I put the fuzzy ones on the front and the loopy ones on the inside of the back so that when they wrap around, they’ll catch.  The website I referred to used strips that were sewn on.  They put an entire strip across the front so that the diapers would be more adjustable, and a strip along each side of velcro to close the diaper shut.  Theirs was sewn on which would be more practical for a three-year-old, too.  Like I said, when I get to a craft store again, I’ll buy the right stuff.



Couldn’t find a baby doll, so the poor duck gets to test drive the diaper.  I think Twyla will love them regardless.  I’ll make her a whole pile of them the right way after I go shopping again:)


One thought on “Felt and Velcro Doll Diapers

  1. Haha, the duck made me laugh! I love the idea of making felt diapers for dolls and stuffed animals – thanks for the idea! 😀

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