Let's Get Crafty

Wedding monogram letters

I have some cute letters for the wedding and was not sure what to do with them.  I came across a picture frame that was missing the glass and the back.  One of those things where the picture falls off the wall & the glass breaks and it is just easier to buy a new frame.  Somehow, I cant’ seem to make myself get rid of those things though–and most of the time I find a use for them.

DSC00292I laid the wooden letters out inside the frame to see if I thought I would like it.  I am painting it on an old piece of pink paper from a scrapbook project.  I had to remove the pictures because I had forgotten to scan them, and so the paper is torn.  I saved it to use later.  It makes a great sized mat to work on.

I am going to paint the frame silver and the letters pale blue.  I toyed with other colors (okay–i painted other colors first!) but liked this best.

A lot of my things are trial and error.  I painted the letter K silver and did NOT like it.  For some reason, the curve of the letters made the silver not show as well.

After everything was painted, I tried to figure out how to attach it all together.  I pulled out white and silver string and raffia and yarn.  I settled on the braided twine and attached it all with thumb tacks.   It took a bit of patience to get the tacks to go in the wood and not break the thin little pieces.

DSC00294Here is the project while it is drying on my armoire door.  *New craft armoire to come soon. 🙂

And the final product!



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