Don't Trash It! Up-cycle! / Let's Get Crafty

Upcycle a candleholder.

I worked on organization this weekend.  Yesterday, I made my laundry hamper shelf and loved it.  But, this happens to me every time I work on a room–whatever I do looks fresh and clean and then makes something else seem more old & worn than before.

So, today I planned on turning an old armoire into a craft storage area–and did work on it but didn’t get it done.  But, as I was working I was taking care of the laundry and every time I saw the old plastic toilet paper holder I was dissatisfied.

I planned on getting a silver one the next time I went to the city but haven’t done that yet.  I noticed a wooden candle ball holder that I haven’t used in awhile.

DSC00290I cleaned it up and found some silver craft paint too.  After I had scraped off the candle wax that had dripped on this and cleaned it, I made sure it was dry before I started.  2 coats of silver paint later, and I have a really cool looking toilet paper holder to sit beside the stool!

DSC00291I think it turned out pretty good although I might add another coats of silver later.


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