Let's Get Crafty

Quick and Cute Mini Vases

A real quick craft before I go out of town to celebrate three very important birthdays…


All you need are some shot glasses or votive holders and a pile of larger sized balloons.


Cut the top off of the balloon leaving most of the neck intact.


I found that by inverting the glass on the table and putting my fingers in the balloon (I put three fingers from my other hand in there, too) and stretching it over the glass was the easiest way to get the balloon on it.


I’d wash the powdery stuff off the balloon when done, but I’m sort of in a hurry this morning.


Poke the neck inside and add a flower.  Sorry, but I don’t have any flowers in my yard and all I could find was a cheesy fake flower from the 80’s.  But you get the idea:)

Kudos to this website for the idea!


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