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Laundry & Half-bath hamper cupboard adds storage space!

We live in an old house.  Like many old houses, some of our rooms are on the small side.  Off the kitchen we have a combination laundry & half bath and for some reason this is the bathroom that many of us choose to get ready in.  Due to this, blow dryers, hair straighteners, makeup and other supplies end up everywhere, even in the sink!  The most frustrating part is having to move things to open our top loading washer.

I was looking around the farmstead for some wood to make a storage shelf above our hamper.  Then I saw an old dresser with broken drawers and supports.

I took the all of the drawers out of the dresser (and salvaged all the door fronts etc for some future use!), and then removed the drawer supports.  Into the laundry room this went, but it was too tall and obscured much of the mirror and really wasn’t very handy.

Back outside it went and Tony went to work on it.  He removed the bottom front support and cut the sides & back of the dresser down to the right height.  Then he put the support back on and it was up to me to finish it.

I had just painted the bathroom walls a pale blue & light sand using homemade chalk paint.  I decided to use chalk paint again and painted the dresser white.  Now, I’m not really happy with my blue plastic hampers & may need to get white or wicker ones–we shall see!

2013-09-14 21.04.132013-09-14 21.04.41

I plan on screwing cup hooks on the cupboard on the side by the sink.  My daughter can hang her straightener & blow dryer from here.  A few more modifications may be in the works, but overall it does the job.  I now have more shelf space without sacrificing my hampers.


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