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Pop or beer can bracelets

I’m just going to say this flat out–if you see a project that looks great and you click on it and all you get is a picture–back away and look for a different post.  For me, nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link and just getting a jpeg.  Pretty picture–but a bit hard for me to replicate.

Everything I post is something I’ve tried myself.  I found a tutorial on this–and won’t post the location because I was not impressed with the instructions.  Basically what was said was that they’d never tried this, but this is what you should do.  What you should do and what you can do are 2 different things.

So,  I found 3 cans I liked and rinsed them well.  No, I did not drink them all tonight. 🙂

2013-09-12 19.45.52

I am accident prone.  This doesn’t mean I don’t try things–but I have to be more aware and careful.  So, what I’m thinking about right now is–this metal is going to be sharp.  Maybe I should wear gloves?  Probably, but I always have a hard time actually working with gloves on.

Now, you just need to take a little screwdriver and puncture a hole near the bottom of the can.

2013-09-12 19.46.16Then cut the top and bottom off of the can. I had to cut mine twice because I was trying to cut as close to the ends of the can as possible.  You need to make sure you cut where the can is flat.  If it curves, you will have to cut that part off or you won’t be able to work with the metal.

2013-09-12 19.47.36Next I cut up the can from end to the other.  I chose to cut through the part where the have the bar code–but pick wherever you want.

2013-09-12 19.55.14Next, I laid them out flat.  I thought I should flatten them a bit to make it easier to fold them.  So, I laid them out flat and stuck this great big college Literature book on top.  The trickiest part of this is how are you going to make them safe so they won’t go slicing the skin of the person that wears them.  And, still make this an attractive bracelet.

I didn’t have any rubber that I could attach to the edges, although that would save time, make sure these are flat and be kind of cool.  You could also just fold the edges over once and cover with bias tape or even electrical or duct tape if you wanted.

I chose to fold mine over 2x to hide the edges.  Score the line first.  Trust me on that one–I tried it without scoring the line and it was almost impossible to fold it even & flat.  So, I flattened it again and scored the lines and this time it went much better!

You want to flatten the long edges first and the short ones last.  The only thing I didn’t like bout this was the amount of pressure you need to put on to make the edges look flat and good.

2013-09-12 21.00.242013-09-12 21.00.37This is the final product.  I just took mine after they were folded and wrapped them around a bottle and rubber banded them in place to give them a curve.

I think I might make them a bit thinner, but I will see after i find someone to try them on and see how wide the cuff should be!


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