Let's Get Crafty

Buttons and Bicycles

So I was looking for a quick craft to do tonight because I procrastinated too long.  Found these adorable bicycles made out of buttons and paperclips on Tilly from New Zealand‘s website and figured I’d give it a shot and see how my own could turn out.


I grabbed a couple tins of buttons that didn’t have any sentimental ties, and selected a couple to start off with.  I also snagged the extra wire from making my sons wizard hat for the Renaissance festival a few years back.


Went to the tool drawer and got my side cutters, needle nose pliers and plopped down in front of my inspiration to let the magic begin.


I started off with about a foot of wire.  I think Tilly’s paperclips would have worked better because they would have been more pliable, but I couldn’t find any in my desk drawer.


After bending and twisting and finding another set of buttons and bending and twisting, this is my final result.  I think they could pass for bicycles:)  Not as cute as the bottom bicycle on Tilly’s page, but I’m content.


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