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Oh My God! Egg Rolls

These have to be the quickest, easiest and by far the tastiest egg rolls of all time!


All you need is some Italian sausage, a bag of coleslaw mix and some egg roll wrappers.  I just used half of the sausage (1/2 a pound) and half of the bag of coleslaw mix.


Brown the Italian sausage in a pan.


Add the coleslaw and heat until the coleslaw is sort of limp.  You don’t want any cabbage poking through your wrappers.


Put a few spoonfuls of the mixture on the wrapper.


Fold the shorter end over the filling.


Fold the ends in and tighten it up a little.


Roll it up the rest of the way and wet the corner with some water to seal it shut.


I ended up with five egg rolls.  Should have been six, but I made one a little too big.  Fry them in some oil in an electric skillet.  When the bottom looks brown, turn them over and do the other side.


When they’re nice and golden brown, take them out of the skillet and place on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.


These things are so freaking awesome that when you take that first bite you’ll say “Oh, My God!”  Believe me, I ate four of the five for supper when I should have only had one!


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