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Button bowl: balloon, buttons and mod podge

I have seen pictures of this all over the internet and the concept seemed simple enough.  And, after all–I saw it on the internet! 😉

So, I blew up a pretty blue balloon.

I put mod podge on the balloon and started trying to put buttons on.

They slid off.  Not a stellar start.

So, I put on a good layer of mod podge and allowed it to dry until it was still a bit tacky but almost dry.

Then, I put on more mod podge.  Spilt some on myself.  This project was a lot of work.

And, where are the pictures you might ask.  Well, I was so wrapped up in trying to make this work that I forgot.  And if I would have remembered, I would have had to wash the mod podge off my fingers to get anywhere near my camera.  I seemed to be covered in this glue the whole time.  I could have stuck the buttons to myself!

Finally, the buttons are sticking to the balloon.


But there was no way to get them all stuck closely together.

So, I put on another coat of mod podge.  And this project will sit until morning–which for me comes in about 6 1/2 hours now….

I will update this post tomorrow.



I put tons of mod podge over the buttons last night.  I put more on this morning and went to work.  Just now I decided to see what would happen.  I couldn’t see ANY evidence that would make me think this would hold together.  But, I took it to the counter and pulled out a fork.  Yep, a fork.  I thought maybe I could release the air more slowly this way.  Lol.

So, I punctured the balloon and tried to snap a picture.  My camera has an eerie glow to the viewfinder sometimes and between that and the odd hissing noise that came from the balloon, I was a little spooked for a bit.  It whistled, and had a little high pitched scream.  Odd.  But kinda cool!

2013-09-12 18.37.22You can see the weird effect of the balloon shrinking in and getting “caught” in the plastic type inner shell made from the glue.  I was a little worried I was going to have buttons flying around the kitchen, but it settled down.

2013-09-12 18.38.20Then I just plucked the blue balloon out and was kind of surprised at the “plastic” left behind.  Next time I will do a few more coats of just glue and let it dry between coats.   I just snipped out the glue that didn’t have buttons attached–tried to go in as straight of a line as possible.

Another hint:  Mark your straight line around your balloon–wherever the rim of the “bowl” will be.  I did a horrible job of eyeballing this and it is lopsided.

But, like with all craft projects, you can adjust mid-stream and go a different direction.  After I cleaned it up–it still looked horrible.  And some buttons were still wet with glue.

2013-09-12 18.39.49So, I took an old bowl and and flipped it upside down and spray it with cooking spray.   Then I put on the bowl I made and am going to let it dry some more and see if it holds its shape better.  Below you can see how easily it would just sink flat.  I flipped it upside down to give a better view, but it just started sinking down.2013-09-12 18.39.58Here it is on the bowl.

2013-09-12 18.40.46So, if you can hold on for one more day (song lyrics always go through my head), things might go my way. 🙂


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