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The Day No Project Would Turn Out Right

It’s been a terrific day because I got to spend it with my family, but NO project would turn out the way I wanted it to!

I thought I’d start the day off simple with the cute little bow and arrows made out of a popsicle stick, some dental floss and Q-tips.


Got out my sheet rock knife and notched my popsicle sticks, let them sit in water, tied the dental floss around the notches and apparently my dental floss has a little more give than whatever they used on The Brooding Hen because the popsicle stick kept straightening back out because the floss wasn’t holding it in an arc.

So, since I was soaking craft/popsicle sticks, I figured I’d throw a few more in the bowl of water and try making some bracelets for my granddaughter – you know the ones, where they get the popsicle sticks wet and form them on the inside of a glass until they dry, then paint them really cool.  Well, those didn’t work out so well either.

I soaked the sticks, put them in a glass, and they didn’t curve on the ends and a few of them actually popped out of the glass!


So I got out my brand new, handy dandy G2 Bottle Cutter thinking I could make a few beer bottle candles.

I scored my bottle as instructed.


Put it in some boiling water, then the ice bath.  The darned thing wouldn’t break in half.


After heating and shocking about a dozen times, I ended up with a cracked base.  So I go to my small stock pile of empty beer bottles and grab an adorable little Coors bottle.  I set up my cutter again and score the glass.


I try heating it right side up and bottoms up, then shocking it in a picture of ice water.  No luck.  It gets hairline cracks around the cut off line.

So I decide I need to search for a video on how to get the darned things to break right because I only have a couple of bottles left and they were all of the really cool ones that I wanted to use.

I find a site by the manufacturer and try to do as they say with no luck.   Maybe I need a big pot of water boiling like they have on the video.  So I get out my stock pot and put it on the stove for the water to boil.  While waiting I try my luck again in the internet video pool and find a video that looks a lot more promising and less time consuming.


I do as the gentleman instructs.  He suggest scoring the bottle, then pouring some hot water over the score to heat up the bottle, then pouring or running cold water over it.  After the second time with hot water, his bottle breaks and looks pretty perfect.  My first bottle I don’t get a straight cut.  I try several more with no luck at all getting the cuts straight, but it is a LOT easier than the manufacturers way!


After I’ve exhausted my beer bottle supply, I decide to make a couple of candles out of tea cups.  Around here old china is almost given away at auctions, so after buying an entire set of Noritake for $1 several months ago, I figure the cups would be worth more to me as candles than tea/coffee cups.


So I dig out my candle making supplies – some wax, wicks and wick holders and two of the many tea  cups that I have.


I try to get some successful use out of a popsicle stick finally by tying the wick to the stick after crimping the base onto it.

I melt some wax and decide to add some tea for scent since I didn’t have any other idea of what to use to make them smell.


Since the day had been going pretty crappy as far as projects were concerned, I put a paper towel under my tea cups before pouring my wax.  The tea all settled immediately to the bottom.  No surprise, I should really read a blog on candle making!


In the end, I can consider these a success because they were completed and don’t look like a total mess:)


6 thoughts on “The Day No Project Would Turn Out Right

  1. I have days like that all the time. I have the very same bottle cutter and haven’t been able to get the darn thing to work, so don’t worry. Your tea cup candles look adorable!

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