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Painted desk with mod podged peonies

The top of this pine desk looks pretty nice, but over the years the drawers have broken and been replaced with a poor grade of wood. For a long time, I’ve been against painting wood.  Now, I am just against painting perfectly good wood. 😉

Reminds me of a line an old friend used to say to explain his sky diving episodes: I always said I’d never jump out of a perfectly good plane!

2013-09-02 16.43.302013-09-02 16.43.40

I tore apart the desk and forgot to take pictures.  And, it sure seemed to much to put the drawers back in.  So, this is (kinda) how it looked before I started painting.

I painted the drawers the same robin’s egg blue as the uprights on the chair.

I was trying to decide what to do and decided to paint a simple diamond pattern.  I was pretty sure I could free hand this, but I was decided to cut myself a little pattern.  I took the front of an old notebook and held it up to the shallowest drawer.  I cut it exactly that length and then folded it over and drew a line and cut it into a square.  Then I turned the square on its side (so it looked like a diamond) and held it up to the drawer.  Whoops!  It was too long and the points hung over the top and bottom edges of the drawer.  So, I folded the cardboard in half again and cut it down a bit until it fit perfectly.

The blue paint was still tacky so I just pushed the pattern into it so I would know where to paint the black paint.  I started in the center of the drawer and worked to the edges so it looked neater.  One the shallow drawers this was pretty easy–there was only one line of diamonds.  On the 2 bigger drawers, I started in the center of the top row and worked my way down the drawer.

After the diamond pattern was painted on the front, I drew a blank and couldn’t decide how to paint the rest.  So, I just continued watching my favorite show and let my mind think.  Sometimes walking away is the right thing to do.  Your brain will work on the problem while you are doing something else.  What a way to multi-task!

2013-09-04 19.06.38

I decided not to continue the diamond pattern on the rest of the desk.  This was busy enough!  So, I just painted one side black trimmed in blue and added 2 big peonies.  The other side I painted solid blue.

2013-09-04 19.07.33I love the final look of the chair & desk together.  I also like the fact that I chose to leave the pine top alone.


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