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Denim Stars

A quick post before Big Brother comes on!  I found inspiration today from Team EcoEtsy for some denim stars.


Old Jeans and some twine are all you need for this project.


I tried to free-hand some stars and they turned out looking pretty pathetic, so I cut a template out of an ad and pinned it to the jeans.  I also learned that scissors work much better for cutting these out than a rotary cutter.


I cut my twine about 12″ long.  If you finish and think it’s too long, you could always cut it and tie a knot in the top to shorten it.  Put the ends in between the two layers of denim.


Then I sewed around the edge using a decorative stitch on the one and just a zig zag on the other.


My final product turned out pretty cute.  The page I used for inspiration fringed the edges, but I think they look okay without it fringed.  Might do it later though.  Happy Crafting!!!


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