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Decorated child’s chair: Mod Podge and Peonies!

I had an old chair & desk upstairs.  It’s been in our little family for years and all four kids have used it at one time or another.  Now, with an empty nest, the desk & chair combo are just upstairs on the landing.

I decided to glue the little broke part by the middle drawer on the desk and then just play with the paint on the two pieces.  That is the wonderful thing about cheap or free furniture.  You can do some of your best work when it doesn’t matter if you mess up. Almost a rule for life…

Kind of like pouring coffee into a mug.  If I do it over the sink and it doesn’t matter if I spill–you can almost be guaranteed that I won’t spill a drop!  Fill the same mug where spilling it will stain something–no matter how careful I am–I will be sure to spill at least some of it.

So, I started with this little paint splotched chair:

2013-09-02 13.31.00I just sanded it down a bit and washed it to remove any dust or dirt.  Then I let it dry.

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I had a very pretty robin’s egg blue that I like to use and some gloss black paint.  So, I just jumped in and started painting.  I painted the horizontal pieces black.  Decided it made sense to paint the vertical portions blue.  I decided to paint the chair seat blue too.  I just paint and look at it and decide what to do next.  It normally works out for me.  Just jump in and start! 🙂

I wanted to try some mod podge, so I printed some bright red peony pictures and glued them to the chair.  I just brushed the mod podge on the back of the pictures and put it on the chair.  After I was sure the paint was dry, I brushed the mod podge on top of the pictures.

2013-09-02 18.49.13I just played with the placement of the flowers and tried to make them a bit staggered.

2013-09-02 15.37.34Overall, I was really pleased with the chair.  Now, on to the desk!


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